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Philip has been performing and organizing live musical entertainment for weddings, receptions, ceremonies, and other special events for the last 13 years. He has been hired to play for events in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and all over Michigan. Philip's wife, Yanjing, is a postdoctoral cancer researcher at Duke University and also a skilled violinist, classically trained in her hometown Beijing, China, and further trained in Los Angeles while pursuing her PhD at UCLA. The two of them have been happily making music together ever since they first met, and have provided musical entertainment for a variety of events across North Carolina.
Musical selections for special events can be chosen from a wide range of genres, which include rock, pop, country, classical, religious music and more (please see the "Song List" tab). If any particular song is desired that is not included in the "song list", Philip and Yanjing would be happy to prepare it for a small fee.
Violins can be played in natural acoustic form or they can be amplified.
Base Rate is $400 per service. This covers the typical event, and it includes unlimited selections from our song list as well as one specially requested song outside of our song list. Please inquire for more details.
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